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Oneida Gaming Complex currently offers 2,800 reel slot and video machines!

Included are nickel, quarter, fifty-cent, dollar and five dollar reel slot, video poker, video blackjack and video keno machines.

Progressive slot bays throughout the casino include Megabucks®, Quartermania® and Nickelmania® which boast thousands of dollars in jackpots! Other progressive slot bays host grand prizes such as cars, boats and motorcycles. Play exciting machines such as Elvis®, Wheel of Fortune® and MoneyTime®.Consider joining our Fun Club. Each time you use the slots, you collect points. Collect enough, and you’ll be eligible to win great prizes.

Slot Department History
The Slot Department started with approximately 15 machines located at the Irene Moore Activity Center. These first slot machines (Bingo and Keno) dispensed tickets instead of coins. Thus, there was coinless gaming. These machines were placed in the Radisson game room located in our Radisson Hotel & Conference Center lobbies. Along with pulltabs and ticket machines, Oneida began to expand the Irene Moore Activity Center to include coin dispensing slot machines. The resulting popularity of gaming allowed Oneida Casino to once again expand their gaming facilities. The additions began with the Irene Moore Activity Center Annex, followed by the Retail Outlets and finally the Main Casino. The Oneida Casino Gaming Complex currently offers 2,800 machines.

Slot Bays
Oneida Casino has entertaining Slot Bays for the customers to play and win great prizes. Play our Five Times Pay Slot Bays for a chance to win a motorcycle, snowmobile, or a new car or truck. We also have in-house progressive slot bays that offer a variety of games, each including a chance to win cash prizes starting at $25,000. Oneida also has various other progressives that offer cash prizes. Some examples include: Red, White, and Blue®Wheel of Fortune®Jeopardy!®Megabucks®Wheel of Gold™Fourth of July®Balloon Bars™Volcano®Double Diamond®, and Oneida’s own Oneida Gold progressive machines. Try them, and you have a chance to win cash ranging from $1000 to millions.

New Machines
Some of the new machines Oneida Casino has to offer are MonopolyReelem InMoneyTimeChicken Machines®, Penguin PayFive Times Pay™Piggy Bankin and Winning Touch.

Our Popular Machines
Oneida has a few new machines that are so popular, you might find yourself rushing to get a seat! Our multi-nickel games are a real hit — from Wild Cougar and Sphinx to Kenny Rogers Gambler Machines. Also try our Monopoly games that will keep you hoppin’ around the board to win big! You are guaranteed to have lots of FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

“Wheel of Fortune” is a registered trademark of Califon Productions, Inc.
“Wheel of Fortune”©2001 Califon Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved
“Jeopardy!” is a registered trademark of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.
“Jeopardy!”©2001 Jeopardy Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved
“ELVIS, Alas Presley, and King of Rock ‘n Roll” are registered trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.” © Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.


“Megabucks”, Quartermania”, “Nickelmania, “Red, White & Blue”, “Fourth of July”, Volcano”, “Double Diamond”, and “The Chicken Game” are trademarks registered by IGT (International Game Technology).
“Wheel of Gold” and “Balloon Bars” are trademark owned by IGT (International Game Technology).




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